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Certification TUV, CE, UL, ISO9001

18 years manufacturer

18 years manufacturer

More than 4,000 product models

More than 4,000 product models


With an illustrious 18-year history, DADISICK leads in high-end photoelectric products. Focused on research, innovation, and practical applications, we excel in safety protection. Our safety light curtains and sensors are trusted for their superior performance and reliability.Widely used in automation, manufacturing, automotive, and electronics, our products reduce workplace accidents and ensure safety. We track market trends to introduce new, modern solutions, safeguarding industrial safety.With over 4000 models, DADISICK leverages China's industrial resources to match competitors' specs, offering top-quality, cost-effective safety solutions. Whether light curtains or sensors, we meet high-performance safety needs, ensuring safer, efficient operations.EXPLORE MORE DADISICK
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Safety Sensing Operation Site

Our solutions automate your production, increase the efficiency of equipment and processes, and improve safety and quality. Across industries, we are a trusted partner to solve your application needs, further your quest for intelligent automation, and realize the potential in your processes with actionable data.
DADISICK safety solutions

DADISICK offers comprehensive one-stop safety solutions and services for industrial automation, ensuring comprehensive protection and reliability for its clients' operations.

DADISICK Safety Sensor

The security sensor monitors all security conditions before they are met, preventing personnel from entering the dangerous area.

DADISICK Safety Light Curtain

Customized security solutions: According to customers' specific needs and industry characteristics, we provide customized security solutions to meet customers' special needs.

Read What Our Customers Have To Say

High Accuracy And Trustworthy:

Our company has been using this safety sensor and I am impressed with its accuracy. It has never let us down when it comes to keeping our employees safe.

Easy installation, saves time:

The installation process of this safety sensor is very simple and does not require professional technicians. We can complete it ourselves, which greatly saves time and cost.

Strong durability and reliable quality:

After long-term use, this safety sensor still maintains good performance, reliable quality, and is worthy of long-term trust.

High cost performance and excellent value for money:

Compared with similar products on the market, this safety sensor is not inferior in performance, and its price is more affordable and very cost-effective.

Common Problem

  • Q: Can the replacement product meet the performance requirements of the original product?
    To select a suitable replacement product, determine the specifications and features of the existing light curtain. Consider factors such as detection range, resolution, response time, and safety level. Then, use this information to compare with our product catalog to ensure that the new model can meet or exceed the performance of the existing product.

    of course, You can also provide us with the brand + model of the existing product, and our customer service will match the right product for you.
  • Q: What is the quality of the replacement product?
    Our light curtain products have been rigorously tested and comply with relevant safety standards in many countries and regions, such as China GB/T 19001-2016, lSO 9001:2015 standard safety level, EU CE certification and SÜD TUV certification.
  • Q: Do you provide OEM services for safety sensors?
    Yes, we offer comprehensive OEM services, including customized product selection and laser marking. Our team works closely with customers to understand their unique requirements and provide them with tailor-made solutions. From customizing sensor size to integrating specific functions, we have the flexibility to meet the application needs of different industrial scenarios.
  • Q: How do your company's products compare to competitors in the market?
    Our safety sensors stand out for their advanced technology and excellent performance. Our sensors have unparalleled accuracy, reliability and response speed. Like our competitors, they meet the application needs of a variety of working scenarios, but our products are more affordable. With innovative functions and rugged structure, they ensure that sensors can function accurately, efficiently and stably in industrial environments for a long time.

How To Start Cooperation?

Submit Requirements

Submit Requirements

Contact customer service to submit your requirements, with a large number of high-quality product solutions for you to choose from!

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

A team of professional engineers can quickly develop suitable product solutions for you!

Quotation For Style Selection

Quotation For Style Selection

Quick standardized cost accounting quotation, some styles can be customized,including OEM services and laser marking. These options guarantee tailored solutions.

Scheduling Production

Scheduling Production

Start mass production from the factory and complete production within the agreed time frame.

Reliability Testing

Reliability Testing

DADISICK has established a product reliability testing laboratory, and each product undergoes multiple layers of testing before shipment, including aging testing, waterproof testing, Conducted Emissions, Radiated Emissions, Harmonic Current Emissions, Voltage Fluidations and Flicker,vibration testing.

Packaging and shipping

Packaging and shipping

Wooden box packaging, international express delivery, ensuring safe and fast delivery of goods to your hands.


Need Assistance?

No matter what specific product model or technical parameters you need, we can provide you with the most professional suggestions and replacement solutions based on this information.Whether you require higher performance, lower cost, or need to comply with specific industry standards, we can tailor a solution for you to ensure you get the best safety sensor replacement service. Looking forward to providing you with quality service!
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